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Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration race - Giles BabbidgeThe 2010 Goodwood Revival – which takes place in just one month, from 17-19 September – is set to be a very special weekend, with mouth-watering grids, scintillating on-track action, and a number of significant anniversaries to celebrate.

The Revival is set to build on the success of last year’s event, when a record-breaking 134,000 people attended over the weekend.  Due to this phenomenal popularity, spectator numbers are being more tightly controlled this year with the aim of keeping the event comfortable and not too crowded.  More grandstand seats have been added too, as well as an enhanced pedestrian flow with an additional access tunnel into and out of the inner circuit paddock areas.

As ever, the Revival offers visitors of all ages a chance to revel in the romance and glamour of motor racing as it used to be.  It is the only sporting event in the world set entirely to a period theme, and every year spectators and competitors take a magical step back in time by getting into the effervescent Goodwood atmosphere.  The majority of visitors enter into the spirit of the event, dressing in appropriate clothing from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s.

The lovingly restored circuit is unchanged from its heyday (1948-1966), and great lengths are taken to ensure that everything on the site is exactly as it was.  No modern vehicles are allowed within the circuit perimeter throughout the weekend – period vehicles provide all essential services and competitor support.  Bands play 1950s music, the corn stooks on the infield are made from a specially-grown crop with extra-long stalks for hand cutting rather than combine harvesting, and even the food has a 1950s flavour.

This September’s event will offer an action-packed weekend of historic motor racing and period theatre for all the family – with much more besides.  The following pages give a summary of all the on-track activity:

The ‘celebrity’ two-driver races

Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration race (one hour, two driver):

For closed-cockpit GT cars in the spirit of the RAC TT races, 1960-1964

The one-hour, two-driver Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration race remains the jewel in the Revival’s crown.  Nowhere else in the world will you see such a spectacular grid of super-rare GT cars racing in anger, driven by great aces past and present.  The grid will once again feature a breathtaking £100 million array of internationally-renowned historic cars.  Expect to see Jaguar E-type lightweight; Ferrari 250 GTO, GT SWB and 330 LM/B; Aston Martin DB4GT, Zagato and Project car; and AC Cobra.  Drivers taking part include Le Mans winners Derek Bell, Jochen Mass, Emanuele Pirro, Martin Brundle, Tom Kristensen, Vern Schuppan, Richard Attwood, Henri Pescarolo, Andy Wallace, Hurley Haywood and Jackie Oliver; F1 aces Sir Stirling Moss, Brian Redman and Gerhard Berger plus Red Bull team manager Christian Horner; and touring car heroes John Fitzpatrick, Anthony Reid and Stuart Graham.

Madgwick Cup (45 minutes, two drivers):

For sports-racing cars under 2.5-litres of a type that raced between 1955 and 1960

The Madgwick Cup is a name synonymous with Goodwood and the Revival, and this year for the first time it will be expanded to be a 45-minute two-driver race which offers a diverse grid of small-capacity sports-racing cars from the mid to late 1950s.  These lightweight and streamlined baby racers were the mainstay of sports car racing at Goodwood, forging a thriving industry of ‘production’ race cars for many enthusiastic customers.  At the forefront was Colin Chapman, with his sleek Lotus 11 and Lotus 15, main rival John Cooper with his T39 ‘Bobtail’ and T49 ‘Monaco’, plus cars from Elva and Lola. The continent also produced many exotic cars including the Porsche550 and RS-60, plus Ferrari 196 SP Dino andMaserati 200S and 250S. Expect to see these and many more variants in action this year!

St Mary’s Trophy:

St Mary’s Trophy - Michael ColeTwo races for saloon cars of a type that raced between 1950 and 1959

After 2009’s spectacular tribute to the Mini – the first single-make race in Revival history – the 2010 St Mary’s Trophy will revert to its traditional format, welcoming some of the best-loved saloon cars of the 1950s to Goodwood’s hallowed tarmac.  From buzzing Austin A35s to thundering Jaguar Mk VIIs, the St Mary’s always provides thrilling action.  Once again the St Mary’s will be a two-part race, with celebrity drivers taking the wheel on Saturday, followed by the owner-drivers on Sunday, and the result declared on aggregate.

Expect to see touring car stars including Rauno Aaltonen, John Fitzpatrick, Andy Rouse and Barrie ‘Whizzo’ Williams battling with such luminaries as Derek Bell, Jackie Oliver, Anthony Reid and Brian Redman.

Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy:

Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy - Jeff BloxhamTwo races for 350cc to 500cc motorcycles of a type that raced between 1951 and 1954 in the spirit of the ‘Goodwood Saturday’ meeting

This year’s Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy will continue as a two-part, two-rider challenge with a dramatic Le Mans-style running start.  There will again be one race on Saturday and another on Sunday, with the result decided by aggregate timing.  Each owner-rider will be paired up with a professional racer, and both will ride in each race, changing over in the pits around half distance.  Famous motorcycle racers of the modern era – including Jeremy McWilliams, James Haydon and Michael Rutter – are expected to line up against former world champions such as Phil Read and Wayne Gardner. Also likely to take part will be heroes of yesteryear including Mick Grant, Trevor Nation andRon Chandler.

Sports car races

Fordwater Trophy:

For production-based sports and GT cars in the spirit of the Goodwood Members’ Meetings, between 1960 and 1966

The Fordwater Trophy will offer an amazing grid of special slippery-bodied sports and GT cars that were engineered for endurance racing at high-speed circuits such as Monza and Le Mans.  Standard production sports cars were fitted with wind-cheating bodywork to take the spoils in these classes for smaller-capacity cars.  For 2010, the Revival will bring together these little-seen endurance specials, including Deep Sandersons and Austin Healey Sprites with special Le Mans or ‘Sebring’ bodywork, plus special-bodied cars from continental marques such as Abarth, Alfa Romeo and CD. Expect to see in addition some lesser-known British specials from Ashley, Lenham and WSM.

Freddie March Memorial Trophy:

For cars in the spirit of the Goodwood Nine-Hour races, 1952-1955

This year’s Freddie March Memorial Trophy will once again be a 75-minute sprint race for cars of a type that contested the legendary Goodwood Nine Hour race.  It will feature a fabulous collection of classic sports-racing cars such as Jaguar C-type, Aston Martin DB3 and DB3S, Austin-Healey 100S, Ferrari 750, Allard and HWM.

Whitsun Trophy:

For sports-racing prototypes of a type that raced between 1963 and 1966

The Whitsun Trophy is the weekend’s fastest race and is always guaranteed to provide breathtaking entertainment and close racing.  A wonderful selection of ‘big banger’ sports prototypes will once again unleash upwards of 10,000bhp between them.  The legendary Ford GT40 will feature strongly, with several taking part, including a rare 1964 model.  Providing stiff opposition will be legions of Ferrari prototypes, Lotus 30s, Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyders and McLaren-Chevrolet M1s.

Sussex Trophy:

For front-engined sports cars of a type that raced between 1955 and 1960

The Sussex Trophy is a celebration of one of Goodwood’s most glorious periods, when, in 1958-59, the RAC Tourist Trophy at Goodwood was the final round of the World Sportscar Championship. The grid honours the big, hairy-chested sports racers of the period from 1955-60, including classics from the likes of Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lister, Maserati and Tojeiro. Of particular note this year will be the first ever race appearance in the UK by Jaguar’s legendary E2A prototype – the car which bridged the gap between the D-type and E-type.

Single-seater races


For front-engined Grand Prix cars of a type that raced between 1950 and 1960

The Richmond Trophy for Grand Prix cars (1950-1960) continues as a race solely for front-engined cars.  This will offer exciting racing between the legendary cars from one of Grand Prix racing’s golden eras, with Maserati 250Fs out in force, battling against Ferrari 500 and 246 Dino, Vanwall, Aston Martin DBR4, BRM Type 25, Cooper-Bristol, Connaught, HWM and the unique four-wheel drive Ferguson P99.

Gordon Trophy:

For 2.5-litre Grand Prix cars of a type that raced between 1954 and 1960

Although its eligibility period overlaps with that of the Richmond Trophy, the Gordon Trophy is very different in character, reflecting a time when the engine moved from the front to the back of Grand Prix cars.  Expect to see a grid dominated by Coopers and Lotuses, with the occasional BRM and some rarely-seen interlopers.

Goodwood Trophy

For Grand Prix and Voiturette cars of a type that raced between 1930 and 1950

This race features GP ‘titans’ and more nimble voiturette cars based on designs from before the Second World War.  These sit-up-and-beg single seaters will thunder around the fast and spectacular track, just as they did in the circuit’s earliest years.  In addition to a gaggle of ERAs, expect to see Alfa Romeo 308C take on Maserati 4CM, 6CM and 8CM, plus Alta, Bugatti Type 54 and Talbot Lago. A gaggle of super-rare Alfa Romeo Tipo B monopostos will also take part.

Glover Trophy:

For 1.5-litre Formula One and Tasman cars of a type that raced between 1961 and 1965

This race for 1960s Formula 1 cars will once again see a spectacular gathering of 1.5-litre GP cars.  These cigar-like racers are synonymous with the important F1 meetings in Goodwood’s latter years, and the selection of cars taking part will focus on genuine F1 cars using fabulous-sounding V8 engines, making the race as noisy and exciting as ever.


For drum-braked rear-engined Formula Juniors of a type that raced between 1958 and 1962

This year’s Formula Junior race focuses on the ‘middle period’, when cars ran with rear-engines and drum brakes, which last appeared at the Revival in 2007.  With so many Juniors competing internationally, the specification of the race changes every year, to give it a new look and character.


FRIDAY 17 SEPTEMBER: official practice – an action-packed day of qualifying for the weekend’s racing, with all the cars and motorcycles taking to the track.  Throughout the day, there will be a number of air displays and also track parades of those vehicles taking part in the special demonstrations, plus the Bonhams sale of fine cars and automobilia.

07:30hrs          Gates open

08:45hrs          Air Display

09:00hrs          Free Practice – Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy

09:35hrs          Official Practice begins (in race order)

TBC                Parade: BRM Celebration

14:10hrs          Air Display

TBC                Parade: John Surtees Tribute

16:10hrs          Air Display

17:30hrs          Bonhams Sale

18:45hrs          Official Practice ends and Track closes

SATURDAY 18 SEPTEMBER: first day of racing – throughout the day, there will also be a number of air displays and also track parades of those vehicles taking part in the special demonstrations.

07:30hrs          Gates open

08:50hrs          Air Display

09:30hrs          Track opens

10:00hrs          Racing begins

Race 1             Goodwood Trophy

Race 2             Chichester Cup

11:10hrs          Air Display

Race 3             Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy (Part 1)

Race 4             St Mary’s Trophy (Part 1)

TBC                Parade: John Surtees Tribute

Air Display

Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration – 2nd Official Practice

Race 5             Whitsun Trophy

Race 6             Madgwick Trophy

TBC                Parade: BRM Celebration

Race 7             Gordon Trophy

Race 8             Freddie March Memorial Trophy

17:30hrs          Air Display

17:30hrs          Racing ends and Track closes

SUNDAY 19 SEPTEMBER: second day of racing – as before, there will also be a number of air displays and track parades of those vehicles taking part in the special demonstrations.

07:30hrs          Gates open

08:50hrs          Air Display

10:00hrs          Racing begins

Race 9             Fordwater Trophy

Race 10           Richmond Trophy

TBC                Air Display

Race 11           Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy (Part 2)

Race 12           St. Mary’s Trophy (Part 2)

TBC                Parade: BRM Celebration

TBC                Air Display

Race 14           Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration

16:05hrs          Air Display

TBC                Parade: John Surtees Tribute

Race 15           Glover Trophy

Race 16           Sussex Trophy

18:10hrs          Racing ends and Track closes

18:15hrs          Prize Giving

All timings are subject to change.  Goodwood Road Racing Company Ltd reserves the right to amend or cancel the programme of track and other events, or any part, without prior notice.

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